The 39th Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures

The Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures offer a week of world class equine veterinary continuing education. Attracting a range of veterinary professionals each year, it features concurrent streams of practical clinical sessions, lectures and thought provoking discussions.

This social events allow you to network with peers and fellow industry professionals.

“Liquid Digital produced video material for the promotion of the Bain Fallon veterinary industry conference. They created material for online and offline use to support the marketing strategy. Fantastic professional creative team to work with from start to finish and the end product exceeded expectations.” 

Lucy, the Australian Veterinary Association.


A client since 2017 Liquid Digital continues to work with the AVA, assisting in promoting their events and improving conversion rates.

Liquid Digital created material to assist in promoting the AVAs Bain Fallon event, including this video.

Event promotion and registration video example: