Never the black tote, never the dull or ordinary.

Never the Black Tote is a digital backstreet fashion boutique delivering fashion treasures created with passion and care from some of the most exciting designers and brands around the globe.

It is where clothes come to party, where self-expression is king, and rules are broken. It’s a destination of exploration and discovery of established and emerging street brands.

Fill your closet with what you desire, with what drives your lust. Every day you’re telling your unique story.

Separate yourself from the herd and embrace your bold self.



Project Details

An overall brand experience showcased as Fearless design, rebellion, freedom and brand with substance with a website that can rival all the best fashion stores in the world featuring a new and interesting way to interact with the gallery (lookbook) enabling users to directly add to their cart what they see.

This gallery combines the concept images with products and the social media share tools a new user needs to interact properly with the displayed fashion.

  • Custom e-commerce solution

  • Ui & Ux strategy and design

  • Unique drop-shipping solution

  • Unique way to display products

  • Custom Developed WordPress solution

  • Hosting and tech. support