Project Overview

Shimadzu provides a broad range of analytical instruments indispensable for research, development, and quality control in a variety of fields. Their high-level, sophisticated instruments include chromatographs, spectrometers, and elemental and surface analysis systems. Shimadzu works across industries including Medical Systems, Scientific Instruments, Aircraft Equipment, Analytical & Measuring Instruments, and Industrial Equipment.

Liquid Digital work with Shimadzu Australasia to manage and maintain their digital strategy and online presence. We create and manage their websites, assist with digital marketing services, and provide priority ongoing support, maintenance, and security to their team and digital systems.

Shimadzu Australasia has been working with Liquid Digital since 2009.



Project Details

Shimadzu is a global organisation working in advanced science-based industries, which employs over 100 people in Australasia alone. Liquid Digital works with Shimazu Australasia managing their websites and assisting with online content and data security.

Working with a multi-national company has it’s own challenges and rewards, and one we feel we have excelled at is allowing the Australasia branch shine and service their region online – providing geographically targeted customisation, whilst conforming to global standards of the business.