Project Overview

Switch Media is passionate about providing tailored IP video solutions for a diverse range of industries. They use their industrial strength cloud based Video Content Management System (VCMS) and in-house expertise to develop solutions that meet the unique and specific video needs of each client.

Liquid Digital work with Switch Media to create and manage a strong web-presence, provide cross-platform design & Ui/ Ux services, assist with digital marketing, and priority ongoing support and maintenance.

Switch Media has been working with Liquid Digital since 2010.



Project Details

We originally started working with Switch Media assisting on some very complex Adobe Flash projects, and we instantly loved the technical level of their team. They push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology, which has solved many┬áchallenges over the years. While the work is at times very challenging, it is also very rewarding, as we push ourselves to deliver and ensure they get the results they expect.

Our role with Switch is in assisting their technical team with Design, User Experience, User Interface, and Front-end development for many of their projects and internal work, whilst also supporting and maintaining their public facing web presence, and assisting their internal marketing team with digital aspects.