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The web has just got faster, thanks to the latest version of HTTP

HTTP/2 is the biggest upgrade since 1999 to the protocol that supports the World Wide Web (www) as we know it today.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is known to most as the http:// at the beginning of a web address. In tech. terms, it regulates links between a web browser and the server hosting a website and it's a core component of the internet, invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the father of the world-wide web).

We’re already in the second quarter of twenty seventeen, and digital marketers have been working on and executing their strategies for the current year. Every enterprise owner has plans to grow their business and position their brand in such a way that they become the leader in their niche industry. While a sense of urgency is essential to hit the home run, there are some mistakes that need to be avoided during the planning and execution stages. These mistakes will prevent your business from achieving the revenue targets, thereby resulting in wasted time, effort, and cost.

We've put together this Infographic about responsive design to help clarify why you should implement a responsive layout for your website!

You might be surprised about the amount of data being generated online (it's quite a lot!). 

We've found this great visualiser showing how much information the top sources are generating, take a look!

Many businesses today are reaching out and targeting new audience through apps for Mobile and Tablet devices. With new technology and software being introduced, it has become essential to have an iPhone along with iPad app development. There are a number of iPhone app developers in the market. Hence it becomes essential to choose an iPhone app developer who can work in all dimensions and with different software. This allows the company to get the best at one single place.

Statistics show that animation and interactivity increases engagement in digital advertising. 

Now that Flash is not favorable, which is mainly due to Apple's influence - the internet has been retarded by about 5 years, well done Apple!


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