Are changes to the Facebook algorithm Impacting your Social Media Marketing?4 min read

Mike Soden May 31, 2018
Are changes to the Facebook algorithm Impacting your Social Media Marketing? 1

Facebook has always been an enabler for businesses, helping them advertise themselves and find a niche on social media. But with the changing digital landscape (and the Cambridge Analytica debacle), Facebook has set about modifying existing algorithms and setting up new ones, with a focus on making their users’ experience more comfortable and safer.

Prioritising ‘meaningful interactions’

Mark Zuckerberg has set out to change the way users experience Facebook. Traditionally, the platform gave precedence to advertisements and posts that were paid for, aggressively marketed and highly-engaged with by anyone on the user’s friend’s list. Most often, this led to users receiving information that was irrelevant and useless.

The new algorithms are set to change this. Instead of promoting irrelevant content, Facebook will now hand-pick content which is created, curated and engaged with by the users’ closest friends and family. The objective is to ensure that the user receives only that content which they will be genuinely interested in.

What does this mean for brands?

Facebook’s new algorithms affect two things specifically.


If you’re a brand that’s loved by most people in the users’ family and friends circle or you are a brand that has a very strong global following (think Nike & Apple), you will still have a place on the feeds of the majority of Facebook users.

But, if you’re a small business, a start-up or a new entrant to a particular market, this new algorithm may create tremendous problems for you. The new Facebook algorithms prize engagement over other factors and if your post hasn’t received many likes, shares or comments, chances are it may not be visible to most people.

When this happens, your content doesn’t reach the desired audience. Even if it does, it won’t have the coverage you require to compete successfully with other brands.


The new algorithm seeks to decrease referral traffic, which otherwise would have aided you in your social media marketing efforts. Research shows that companies like Buzzfeed and Mashable have seen a massive drop in readership after the implementation of the new algorithms. With referral traffic negatively impacted by the new algorithms, the publications (which rely almost exclusively on social media) don’t have many options left to attract customers to their content.

The new algorithms impact those brands that rely extensively on Facebook for their branding and marketing efforts. Placing all your eggs in Facebook could be a very costly mistake.

4 ways to overcome Facebook’s algorithm challenges

  • Create a variety of content

Don’t stick to just one type of content. If blog posts aren’t getting you visibility and traffic, experiment with infographics, videos, blurbs and more. The objective is to get the attention of one person and inspire him/her to share it with a loved one. If this happens often, your brand will become well-known in no time.

Additionally, remember to schedule your publishing frequently as your post will have greater visibility and your brand a higher recall in the audiences’ minds.

  • Leverage Facebook influencers

Influencers are the lifeline to all businesses. If you wish to fast-track your brand towards higher visibility, be sure to seek assistance from influencers. Research shows that 19% of all purchases globally take place because of influencer posts on Facebook.

  • Create groups

If you already have a small customer base, create a Facebook group and market your content/product to them. If your group members like what they receive from you, they are likely to refer their loved ones as new members. This will help you develop a thriving Facebook community.

  • Talk to the experts – Liquid Digital

Alternatively, speak to the experts and have them help you keep ahead of changes in the digital landscape. Contact us today.



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