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From Local Hero to Global Powerhouse

Imagine being a leading Australian Contract Research Organization (CRO) with ambitions to become a global force. That was the challenge faced by our client, a company specialising in accelerating the development of innovative therapeutics.

We stepped in as their full-service integrated digital marketing partner, providing:

  • Global SEO and Content Strategy: We established a robust online presence across key local, regional and international markets, ensuring their expertise was discoverable by the right audiences.
  • Culturally-Nuanced Marketing Campaigns: Our team crafted impactful campaigns that resonated globally while remaining sensitive to local cultural nuances.
  • Rapid Response and Support: We offered a unique advantage: 2-hour turnaround times for any digital marketing needs, ensuring their campaigns stayed agile and competitive.

The result?
With a strategic approach, localised content, and a responsive team, we helped our client turn their ambitious vision into a reality.

Our client – now a powerhouse in the international healthcare space – experienced:

  • Increased brand awareness and lead generation across key global markets
  • A solidified position as a leading international CRO
  • The ability to reach and partner with new clients worldwide

Ready to take your brand global? The right digital marketing partner can be your passport to global success. Let’s discuss how we can be your guide to the world stage.


Global Brand Finds Local Success

We all know the tech industry is a crowded space. Can you stand out against established giants? Our client – a leading global brand in display panels, TVs, home comfort, and mobile devices – faced this exact challenge.

We provided a comprehensive full-service digital marketing solution, including:

  • Digital Strategy: We crafted a winning digital strategy for the brand with a strong focus on capturing data-driven insights for continuous refinement.
  • Strategic Ad Campaigns: We designed targeted creative ads and custom landing pages to reach the right audience at the right time.
  • SEO and Thought Leadership Content: We amplified their organic reach and established them as an industry authority.
  • Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management: We ensured their voice was heard and their reputation remained impeccable.
  • Compelling TV Commercials: We extended their reach through strategic television placements.

The results?
Our client transformed from a challenger to a contender in the industry, experiencing:

  • Increased brand awareness and market share
  • Stronger brand reputation and thought leadership
  • Significant growth across key metrics

Ready to disrupt your market? A data-driven and integrated digital marketing strategy can propel even the most ambitious brands to the forefront of their industry.

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Amplifying Innovation and Building Buzz

The fight against cancer demands innovation on all fronts. This groundbreaking early-stage biotech developing a unique cellular therapy platform – needed an equally innovative partner to help it launch into this highly-competitive market.

We became their trusted partner, providing a comprehensive marketing strategy including:

  • Brand Development from the Ground Up: We crafted a compelling brand identity to establish credibility and differentiate them from established competitors.
  • Engaging Digital Experience: We designed a cutting-edge website and user interface to enhance online engagement and showcase their pioneering cancer therapy.
  • Strategic Communications: We developed a suite of communication materials, including investor eDMs, captivating presentations, news announcements, and social media activation plans.
  • Executive Media Training: We equipped this client’s leadership team with effective media communication skills to amplify their message.
  • Compelling Go-to-Market Strategy: We created impactful video and audio content for online platforms, and for key partner and investor presentations.

The Results?
Through a strategic digital launch campaign, we helped:

  • Establish a compelling brand presence in the oncology space
  • Effectively communicate their groundbreaking technology to investors and the scientific community
  • Generate momentum and interest in their innovative treatments

Ready to launch your groundbreaking idea to the world? Smart digital strategy and execution can empower early-stage biotech companies to compete in a competitive market.

Let’s discuss how we can develop a winning digital strategy for your company.


Award-Winning App Strategy

Imagine a world where free-to-air television is as seamless and captivating as your favourite streaming service. That’s the vision Freeview Australia, the leading platform for free-to-air broadcasters in Australia, set out to achieve with their new HbbTV app. They partnered with Liquid Digital to navigate this digital odyssey.

We charted the course with a user-centric design strategy, focusing on:

  • User-Centric App Design Strategy: to move beyond the remote and revolutionise free-to-air viewing.
  • Intuitive User Experience (UX): We designed an app that prioritised ease of navigation and content discovery, setting a new standard for user-friendliness in the free-to-air landscape.
  • Content Integration: We seamlessly integrated live and catch-up content into a single, unified experience.
  • Universal Accessibility: We ensured an inclusive user experience, catering to all viewers.

The Results?
This case study demonstrates the power of a strategic user-centred approach to app design. By prioritising user experience and accessibility, we helped our client unlock the power of free-to-air TV.

The Freeview app not only met Freeview’s vision, but it also exceeded expectations. The app designers who worked on this project garnered the prestigious Connie & Stevie awards, a testament to the app’s superior strategy and exceptional design.

Ready to transform your app into a user magnet? Let Liquid Digital be your guide. We craft intuitive experiences that captivate and convert.

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