Case Study

  • Australian Veterinary Association

Delivering creative solutions that convert

The 39th Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures.

The Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures offer a week of world-class equine veterinary continuing education which attracts a range of veterinary professionals every year. The event features simultaneous streams of practical clinical sessions, lectures and thought-provoking discussions.

The social events are also a great opportunity to network with peers and fellow industry professionals.


The Challenge

Quick promotional video production turnaround.

Most promotional videos use large effects that are not always simple to describe or illustrate in a short time-frame.

Also, being creative while under pressure can be challenging, due to the fact it has to be ‘just right’.

The Delivery

A well-orchestrated video production, done on-time.

We delivered a branded infographic video and achieved the goal of the project promptly, helping contribute to a successful world-class veterinary event.

The expertise that made a difference in this project: