Case Study

  • Never The Black Tote

A cutting-edge eCommerce solution

Never the dull or ordinary.

Never the Black Tote (NTBT) is an online boutique, delivering fashion treasures created with passion and care, from some of the most exciting designers and brands around the globe.

The company are keen to disrupt the conventional retail shopping experience, which often relies on safe, predictable designs – leaving consumers searching through pages of similar items, trying to find a piece that expresses their individuality.

The Challenge

To sell boutique fashion to a savvy audience.

Online retail is a highly competitive marketplace; we’re establishing a strong brand and delivering an engaging shopping experience is essential – both to attract shoppers and maintain their attention throughout the buying process.

Showcased as fearless design, rebellion, freedom and a brand with substance. Their start-up operation to stand out in a crowded market and punch above its weight.

NTBT asked Liquid Digital to design a shopping experience which delivered their brand ethos to any user on any device.

The Delivery

Custom Development from the ground up with a branding flair.

After all, cutting-edge fashion demands a cutting-edge e-commerce solution.

We worked closely with NTBT’s management team to develop a dynamic and highly marketable e-commerce website.

A streamlined shopping experience with a compelling ‘lookbook’ (a hand-curated gallery) that blends the brand’s fashion photography with a complimentary design style and innovative in-picture shopping.

Allowing shoppers to remain immersed in this abstract world while they add items to their cart, directly from each image, helps maintain their engagement.

The whole project was designed and built in function of NTBT’s brand and fashion expertise.