A successful digital marketing campaign can yield a long-lasting, positive connection between your brand and your whole user base, and can also have your users coming back for more.

Digital marketing campaigns are so well done nowadays. You can’t go to a shop without seeing an ad on a screen or a poster. But it’s not easy to come up with such a great campaign. You need to know about marketing and advertising, and most of us don’t. It’s a good thing we can get inspiration from these great examples of good digital marketing.


Rebuild the World – Lego’s Incredible Digital Marketing Campaign

We all know that the giants at Lego are well known for their incredible toys that target people of all ages. That being said, they are also incredibly creative with their advertising.  Back in 2019, Lego launched their first marketing campaign in 30 years.

As you can see, their digital advertising emphasised Lego as a great company who’s focus goes much further than the toy industry they’re dominant in. And if you pay attention to their imagery and videos, more specifically the backdrop, you’ll start noticing a repeating theme. End to end, from title to content, their narrative is “rebuild”, which is also encouraging people to improve themselves. However, it also pairs with playful music making their ad appeal to every audience, young or old.

Result: As of today, almost14 million views thanks to a storyline that focuses quite a bit on social issues and aims to help more people than their loyal target audience.


The Last Mile – Volkswagen’s Take on the Best Digital Ads

Have you seen a Volkswagen Beetle?  Who are we kidding – everyone’s seen a Beetle. It’s an instantly recognizable iconic design that’s no longer in production after a staggering 70 years. But like many other brands nowadays, Volkswagen did their market research and recognised they needed to go electric. So, they used the iconic Beetle’s departure to emphasise their new focus of an electric future for VW.

The video is an eye-catching animated history of the Beetle’s role in pop culture across the decades it was in existence, from its appearance in Herby the Love Bug in the 70s, to the ads designed by Andy Warhol.  Vollkswagen’s goal was to produce content that connected the brand to its audience while leaving a final lasting impression of the Beetle that would resonate for years.  It showed that VW is open to an evolving market, and keeping up with the times, while maintaining the respect of its old and new potential customers by celebrating how far they have come.  

Results: Almost 2 million views using the even more impressive #TheLastMile, which drove thousands of blog posts, shares and reposts across social media. And because the final day of Beetle production was December 31st,  the VW Beetle was also featured on billboards all over New York’s Times Square on NYE.


The Man Your Man Could Smell Like – Old Spice’s Priceless Campaign

Some called it insane, others called it hilarious and awesome. Whatever you think, there’s no denying that this Old Spice campaign subject matter made waves when it initially aired in 2010. From the creative scriptwriting to the horse at the end, it’s an ad you will have a hard time forgetting. And because of this, its conversion rate on social media went through the roof.

As well as the incredible images and video production, Old Spice’s tagline, “Make a Smellmitment” was what really took their brand awareness off the chart. Their social media marketing fed into a custom Instagram game and advertising campaign at a time when digital marketing was still largely unknown. And even today, it still makes many marketers look on in awe.

Results: With 60 million views, you can bet it’s also one of the absolute best digital campaigns of all time.  


Airbnb’s User-Created Endless Campaign

Here’s one that’s a bit different – Airbnb’s social media campaign is driven by influencers who take advantage of the platform and all it has to offer. There is no denying that this campaign has helped shape the travel industry into what it is today, and their platform itself has quite the following. But, it’s the users and influencers that helped to make this campaign great!

Airbnb essentially sponsored rentals for travel influencers at various locations. But here’s the kicker – not only did this advertise Airbnb as a booking platform to millions of people, it also advertised some of their most incredible listings and locations. “Very clever” I hear you say.  You don’t think they’d give Lady Gaga a room with a shared bathroom, do you?  Of course not.  Lady Gaga will get incredibly luxurious accommodation in return for her content.

The real benefit to any product or service using this strategy is that user-generated content is usually viewed as much more trustworthy than normal advertising. People are inspired when they see a celebrity or another real person speak about a brand. It gives a different perspective, rather than scripted words. Just record everything you can for a digital ad, and your brand marketing efforts will become the chocolate chip ice-cream of the digital marketing world.

Results: Through 37 sponsored posts with top celebrities in the past two years, Airbnb has received 18 million likes and 510,000 comments with an overall engagement rate of 4%. The total combined reach of its Instagram initiatives thus far is 966 million.

Should You Create One for Your Brand?

Of course you should.  If Oreo can create one of the best cookies, why shouldn’t you create amazing digital content for your line of business?  Digital marketing is here. In fact, you’re living in it.  And when your marketing refers to celebrities, sportspeople or offers that must-share-this search engine content, your brand will remain competitive in today’s cluttered digital landscape.  The beauty of digital marketing is there are so many ways to go through with a campaign.  And with the right people, it’s rather easy to come up with something unique and eye-catching to take the world by storm.

We hope our list of best digital marketing campaigns provided you with some solid inspiration for your brand. All that’s left now is for you to contact us, and let us take care of the rest for you, while you sit back and reap the benefits!