Brand Identity

Your brand is not just a logo. It’s a story, the message, colours, designs and content that help identify and differentiate you to your audience.

A correctly created brand is positioned to talk to your ideal clients, helping create conversions and measurable results for your business.

Providing expertise and solutions to problems of a specific audience is key to your success and is what positioning is all about.  

Noise and content saturate the digital space. In many cases, differentiation points, the things that make you unique and attractive to an audience wanting to find your expertise get buried. This makes it hard to differentiate your business and position it to attract the perfect clientele.

We can help dig out your differentiation points and align them with your goals and objectives.  Contact us or submit a FREE brand assessment for your brand to get started.  

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Investing in your brand can:

  • Make your business stand out in a competitive marketplace
  • Identify a niche that your business can dominate
  • Create a compelling, consistent user experience
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Reframe existing services to appeal to a specific audience
  • Increase the value of the business


Brand value is something everyone wants to achieve. Being the brand of choice, get people to want to pay extra for your story and messages. Get your target audience to know your brand’s and the expectations that come with it. A well-known brand name can generate more money than less known one.

There are some strategies to enhance a brand value:
  • Build an emotional connection to your brand. The emotional reaction to a brand is a part of deciding to buy process
  • Strengthen internal brand, make it work from inside out. It’s essential to help employees understand brand values and to build a strong positive corporate culture
  • Keep your brand consistent, align it. All brand touch points must be consistent across brand delivery and to connect to business goals and objectives
  • Build strong marketing.




Brand Identity with Differentiation - stars vs circles


Having a strong differentiator makes your brand stand out. It helps you be more targeted in your marketing campaigns, pitching directly relevant audience.

Not your usual suspects that every one knows and expect like:
  • Excellent service
  • We exceed expectations
  • Experienced
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Long shopping list of services that mean nothing


Your brand positioning strategy uses the information discovered in your audit to refresh your brand. It ensures that it remains relevant to your existing audience and captures new audiences, to maximise revenue generation.

In most cases, focusing on engaging with and serving your core audience should be the most crucial aspect of your positioning strategy.

However, there are occasional examples when an audience’s buying patterns have shifted so significantly that it’s necessary for a business to consider targeting a new audience.

Whether your business needs to improve its relevance to your core audience, or you’re looking at targeting a new audience, or a combination of both, Liquid Digital have the expertise to both design and deliver your positioning strategy.

Aligned Cues


Advertising, website, social media are the main areas your customers get in contact with your brand online. But there are more touch points. Everything which connects your brand and product with customers including brochures, cards, signs, videos, radio ads, etc.

For delivering a reliable and consistent brand experience, you need to align all your touch points with your business goals and objectives.

Key steps to align brand touch points include:
  • Audit of all experiences and communication
  • Define your touch points structure (people, interactive, etc.)
  • Analyse (customer research, industry reports, self-assessments)
  • Prioritise, optimise, manage and measure improvements
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Brand Commitment

Brand commitment is a tool which measures relationships between customers and brand. It helps to estimate the possible brand potential and predict risks.

Here are some categories brand commitment refers to:
  • Brand purchase and usage compared to other brands
  • Satisfaction with brand usage
  • Brand image

Brand commitment helps prevent users from leaving, optimise marketing costs, identify strength and weaknesses in the brand perception.

Designing Tools

Thoughtful Graphic Design

Liquid Digital team can deliver powerful graphic design assets based on your specifications, or as part of a comprehensive branding and identity package.

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Sub-brand is a product or service that is affiliated with a small parent brand but has its brand name. Sub-brand supports and benefits from a parent brand. Each sub-brand has qualities which tie it to the leading brand and has its distinguishing attributes at the same time. This difference can be its target audience and as a result different strategy and marketing campaign.

Visually all sub-brands have to be connected to the parent brand as well as to each other.


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Periodic audits & refreshes

Branding and identity refresh start with research about your audience and market.

We use a range of digital techniques and our extensive experience re-branding businesses to discover valuable insights that help to build effective branding and identity refreshes.

A brand refresh is necessary if your business has drifted away from its core audience or struggled to grow and attract new customers.

Alternatively, if you’re a new business, offering an excellent service or product and innovative ideas, then investing in your brand early in your journey can help set you on a path to rapid growth.

Either way, Liquid Digital can partner with you to explore your brand and audience – and create and deliver a brand identity refresh or strategy from the ground-up, to attract your perfect audience to your business.