Your Digital Systems
& Brand Touch Points

Digital success doesn’t happen by chance.
Today, your systems and brand touch points need to integrate and work together to serve your business objectives and deliver consistently great experiences to your audience.

Discovering and integrating systems or tools (IT, Hardware and Software) best suited for your business to function digitally is the foundation of the enterprise and its touch points.

A touch point is any interaction your brand has with potential and existing clients including a website, social media page, email, cards, brochure, etc. They must be aligned with your brand to maximise conversion.

Liquid Digital can help find the best tools for your business goals and align and maximise your touch points. Contact us or start with a quick digital health check for your business.  

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Investing in your systems & touch points can effectively:

  • Increase efficiencies
  • Help you stay on top of technology
  • Maximise brand awareness and conversions
  • Keep you in touch and provide support to your customers
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Stay secure online
Website and Apps

Websites & Apps

Websites and apps are the anchors of your online presence which funnels many different marketing strategies and tools to help your business convert online.

You are losing a significant number of opportunities if your business does not have an active website design to convert sales or potential leads.

A general or brochure website is like a bad resume.

All of you have been there when hiring someone. Tons of resume look the same and have the same messages: Hard working, excellent communications skills, work great as a team, on time, and the list goes on. A lead generation website (that makes you money) is like the best resume, the person you’re going to hire. That person took the time to answer every single requirement point you listed in your job ad with their experience and provided real-life examples to back it up.

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Online Reputation Management

Your clients are talking about you online. It’s not just about having a website anymore. Your social profiles matter as much as your website and probably even more when you have to interact with customers. They are tweeting, leaving comments on your blog, posting to Facebook; and it’s all about their experience.

It’s how you respond that matters, not necessarily about the comment itself

Your reputation is how users see you and how they respond to your business. It’s tough to build but easy to lose. Negative review, inaccurate post or comment can quickly impact on your relationships with customers. That’s why It is important to detect this kind of content as soon as possible and respond appropriately.

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Printed Collateral

That’s right… Printed! Nothing in this world is isolated; digital touch points should work together with your traditional ones. An end to end experience with your brand is essential in establishing and building trust.

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Social & Online Communities

Social media offers tremendous opportunities to engage with potential customers, promote your brand and gain feedback on possible improvements to your product and service.

However, a poorly-managed social media presence can cause damage to your brand, deter potential customers and soak-up negative comments for the world to see.

Any social media presence should be actively managed and have a clear strategy aligned with your business goals.

Focusing on several platforms, which your audience are known to engage with, will yield superior results to taking a scattershot approach and making profiles on every social media platform you come across.

Investing in social media services can do as follow:

  • Increase your digital presence
  • Drive website traffic and sales
  • Provide channels for direct customer engagement
  • Allow you to respond to customer problems swiftly

Liquid Digital also offer advertising, branding and digital strategy services – so you can deliver an end-to-end digital footprint or ecosystem for your business.


Security & Online Safety

The bare minimum is keeping your software up to date and implementing a strong password policy including 2-step authentication. Unfortunately, every business is vulnerable to cybercrime and proactiveness before and after a security issue, or breach is the next level.      

How will you be portrayed after your business suffers a data breach?

Leaders take proactive steps to protect customers’ and partners’ private information and clearly show that. Discovering a breach only when the media knocks on your door for an interview is too late.

These are what the consequences can be:

  1. Fines for failing to report a breach up to $360k for you and your fellow Directors.
  2. Reputational damage: in the reactive mode, you’ll be depicted as irresponsible and lose market share.
  3. Legacy issues: customers/clients go elsewhere, and suppliers/partners lose trust in you.


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Integrations & Servers

To perform your daily tasks in the age where APIs rule the internet, having some different technologies (Website, email systems, CRM, SEO tools) that don’t speak to each other can consume a lot of time, be frustrating and chew your profit margin.

This also depends on servers and hosting providers you are using to deliver your solutions.

Sometimes a content delivery network (CDN) is necessary to keep everything loading fast for user wherever they are in the world.

The process starts with proper resource planning, implementation and scalability. Then maintenance and updates are crucial to keep your digital systems secure and running smoothly.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM is a tool for managing all your business’ relationships and interactions with your existing or potential customers/clients and strategic partners.  It gives you a clear overview of your business landscape. Most CRMs have customisable dashboards that can tell you a customer’s previous history with you, the status of their buying process, any outstanding issues and action reminders.

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AI & Chat Bots

Things are moving fast in the AI department, many jobs will be at risk shortly but for now, any business can make good use of a chatbot to increase customer engagement and provide help 24/7.

There are now an increasing number of chatbot services everywhere, but the best ones deliver a customer experience (CX) in which users cannot tell if they are typing with a human or a computer. AI has come a long way in recognising the content – and context – of user’ requests and questions.

Fundamental CX improvement that a business can leverage from a chatbot:

  1. Never sleeps, responding 24/7.
  2. Zero wait no matter how many users on the site.
  3. Personalised to the user
  4. Relationship builder while filtering out bad leads