Your digital success requires
digitally savvy people.

Whether you like it or not, every business will become digitally-driven.
If your people are not on board, you’ll never be able to sail the ship.

Who will be taking the reins in your business to steer it through the digital age?

We talk about ‘people’ as part of digital, even though most of us associate ‘digital’ with computers, electrons and robots…

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

People are a critical part in our digital formula for your business success, as without humans who can drive and work effectively with new systems, digital can often be ineffective – or worse, a hindrance to your core activities. The way we define it, the term ‘people’ includes both internal (leadership, staff, strategic partnerships, and other stakeholders) and external (clients and customers) – and they all play a significant role in your business’ overall digital success.

Internally, when business leaders provide the right mindset, tools and processes to help your team, you’ll find everyone is more accepting.  And a clear direction on doing the business effectively will go a long way in the digital age. Externally, today, potential leads and customers are more savvy and mobile. They expect more out of brands and the information about their products or services represents the bare minimum companies should offer.

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Traditional marketing has always been about the company communicating a message to the consumer.

Today, the consumer engages with your brand, products and services at will – and expects for your digital touchpoints to be on-point. Meaningful interactions help companies learn about their customers, providing valuable insights so you will be able to react faster and tailor your offerings and promotions based on their preferences.

In the end, this is going to be a win-win for both sides because the marketer won’t waste the budget on ineffective strategies and the consumer will receive exciting and valuable messages.

Brands need to adapt and embrace the new customer journey in the digital age in order to avoid becoming obsolete.

Liquid Digital can help facilitate and prepare your business internally and ensure that your leaders understand the risk of not joining the digital economy. Contact us or start with a quick digital health check for your business.

Improving your peoples digital ability can:

  • Improve efficiencies and productivity
  • Reduce your costs and empower your team to do more internally
  • Create synergy between your customers and brand
  • Allow your business to become more agile and react to change
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service levels
  • Handle and leverage customer feedback
  • Provide clarity and empowerment
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Digital Transformation Leadership

Digital transformers (leaders) understand the importance of their digital business strategy to thrive in the digital age. Their followers (peers) don’t. Leaders understand what digital can do for their businesses or industry.  They know it is not just tools for improving business efficiency but something more profound. It affects every industry and geography and provide an opportunity to be first to a re-defined market and threatens businesses that long-held market positions.


Strategic Partnerships

The digital world provides many solutions and tools that one cannot always utilise efficiently. Therefore, relying on strong partners can help to make your digital environment a success.

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Employee Engagement

Digital or not, employee engagement is an essential factor for your business to consider when striving to increase productivity, execute strategies, improve performance, develop roles within the company and in this case, make a move to digital.

The objective isn’t to get employees to 100% immediately because it’s a continuum of learning. The starting point is moving them to the right side, so they begin to understand more the business vision, strategic goals, and challenges and opportunities and grow and mature from there. Communication is essential to success.

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Customer Satisfaction

Its do or die for your business. If you don’t know how satisfied your customers are, you know nothing. Just follow up, or use digital tools makes it easy to track and engage your customers and find out their satisfaction.

Why? Because customers that are happy or not pass on their experience to their family and friends. A business that has fingers on the pulse has a chance to rectify wrongdoing, fix simple issues and propagate the good news which in return augments returned customers.

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Customer Service

Everyone knows the difference between good and bad customer service is but the delivery has changed and will change even further in the future. Just think of “Chat Bots”, I’m sure you’ve seen them popping around when visiting a website. That’s only one example of many that you need to consider for your digital customer experience.

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Staff Training & Education

It’s is self-explanatory, but the big thing here is you must align your business goals and culture you have instiled into your business to those programs. This also can help leaders hand down responsibilities and free up time for business development which most of the time gets forgotten.

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Digital Consulting

Having a digital agency as a strategic partner can help you stay on top of the digital changes and disruption in your industry. Choosing the right agency is vital and here is a process you should consider for selecting one.

  1. Clearly define your needs & expectations
    1. Strategy
    2. Marketing
    3. Tools and training
    4. What kind of relationship you need, short or long term.
  2. Find an agency that understands the above and that you can work as a team.
    1. Looks after similar size enterprises with similar industry cases
    2. Values are aligned
  3. Start with a simple assignment
    1. Send them an RFP
    2. Hire them for a broad audit and strategy brainstorm
  4. Sign a working agreement with an agency if all above is right.
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Advocate Programs

Customer advocacy is about finding new ways you can create genuine enthusiasm for your clients or customers by really understanding their problems, solving them and fostering them to share their passion with the world through online tools.