I’ve put together a short list of points to check before you hit send on your next email campaign to help you reach more inboxes, and convert more emails to sales:

Digital Marketing

Brand alignment

  • Does the design and message reflect and portray business branding and position correctly?


  • Have you been concise with your message and content? Using short sentences or bullet points helps people find what they need quickly.
  • Have you checked your copy and headlines for spelling and grammar?
  • Have you used bold and varying sized fonts for headlines and to make important things stand out?
  • Have you got a clear Call To Action (CTA) that will encourage people to take the next step?
  • Have you written a quality email subject line? Your email subject should be short and informative and avoid things like ALL CAPS, or excessive punctuation.

Email Layout & Coding

  • Have you considered making your email responsive, so it displays nicely on all devices?
  • Have you used fonts that are large enough to be easily read and take in? Try using minimum 12px for body font, and 20px for titles.

Visual Appeal

  • Is the design visually appealing and well laid out?
  • Is there a good use of colour and Fonts?
  • Have you used graphics and Imagery that enhances your message and helps sell your concepts?

Email Checks

  • Have you used fall-back colours and alt-text for images?
  • Have you avoided using background images in your design? Background images won’t show up behind text etc.
  • Make sure you avoid any scripting, Flash, or video in your email, as it won’t work!
  • Have you a clear footer area with an Unsubscribe link and information about your organisation, including contact info?
  • Have you included a plain text version of your email, to serve to users that don’t get HTML emails?
  • Have you checked your final email for it’s “Spam Score”? This may show you more ways to improve the delivery of your email to more people.