The majority of today’s consumers and clients are incredibly digital-savvy. For businesses to survive and ultimately thrive online in this ever-evolving environment, they need to adapt to the habits of their consumers by leveraging digital transformation.

According to a report by Accenture, 57% of executives say the digital component will drive essential changes in their business model.

While the definition of “digital” is different for every organisation, one thing’s for sure: it is a mindset because it encompasses how you think about your operations, processes, customers and infrastructure.

Here is how you need to approach digital transformation and leverage it within your organisation:

  • Help Employees Understand the Strategy

    A global survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services revealed only 7% of executives said their company is open to change. This means the vast majority of organizations don’t have the ability to change fast enough so they can adapt to the digital world.

    People can’t change what they don’t understand. To remove this barrier, it’s essential to build a support system from the ground up so everything you do within the company will be implemented in the long-term.

    In order to build a company culture which embraces change, the strategy needs to be communicated by the management. The same survey mentioned previously showed the majority of respondents agreed on the fact communication from leadership is key to creating a culture of change.

  • Rethink the IT Department

    IT is one of the most important aspects of the digital transformation process. Nowadays, some companies may find that they have an IT system which is either too slow or too rigid.

    A modern IT infrastructure is critical because it’s going to help your business gain flexibility, scalability and speed.

    Aside from using cloud services, it’s important to rethink the role of IT. This department needs to work more closely alongside products, services and business models development.

    A capable and reliable IT system is critical for any organisation which wants to go digital because it will help them keep up with a fast-paced environment.

  • Experiment More

    Having a cross-functional team and employees with creative and analytics skills, and deep industry knowledge represents an asset not that many companies are focusing on.

    Digital transformation and innovation occur when people think differently about problems and know how to exploit data in order to extract something new every time.

    As organizations will turn experimenting into a routine, they will be able to adapt much more easily to market shifts and implement customer insights.

    We’ve seen the term data-driven more prevalent in the last couple of years and now it’s become even more clear every decision needs to be made based on data – not guess-work.

Digital Transformation Is the Future. Adapt or die.

As harsh as it might sound, there’s nothing in between. If your organisation is not growing, then it’s dying.

To turn your company into a business which thrives, you need to adapt to the digital age by building a digital ecosystem.

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy, so your business needs to harness this opportunity which will help your business evolve.

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