In today’s day and age, mobile phones have become so integrated in our daily lives that we rely on them for everything. We have different applications to cater our different needs, and your next idea might fill a gap in the market.

How should I get my idea out to market to reach my audience? We currently have two major platforms people use, being Apple iOS and Google Android. To make matters worse, in the future there will potentially be 4-5 major players.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the popular OS’s currently to think about:


Currently it is the most commonly used cellular operating system which is present in a plethora of devices ranging from HTC to Samsung. It is common because it is an open source operating system which allows easy modifications and a lot of customization options. Considering its open source nature most companies use it and modify it in a manner to suit their devices.

An example of such would be how all HTC devices, while having the android operating system, have a veil over it by using the Sense interface which is a modification of the androids stock graphical user interface. The Samsung equivalent of this is the TouchWiz UI, which employs the same manner of modification.


The second highly used interface is the iOS which is exclusive to Apple devices. Considering its exclusive nature, it is not as abundant as Android devices but is still preferred by most people due to its ease of use.  iOS makes most common actions such as music transfer, application installations etc easy by providing the iTunes hub to manage the entire process. The downside to iOS is that it does not allow the same level of modification and customization as the android and anyone who prefers tweaking their phones would not be satisfied with just being a “guest” user on the device.

To ensure your App gets out to the market we need to assess your market, and decide if development for Android or iOS or both platforms is necessary to reach them. Developing for each platform can be an expensive process if you do it in native code for each. There are, of course, other methods available to reach multiple platforms at a more affordable rate, depending on what you are trying to do.