Freeview FV, Freeview’s mobile app has won Gold at the International Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. (See the announcement here) The app is also shortlisted for the international Connie Awards, with winners to be announced on May 3, 2017.

Switch Media and Liquid Digital are proud to have orchestrated the development and the design of the app in partnership with Freeview.

Our design team came up with clever solutions to answer the complexities of merging live TV and video on demand (VOD) into one single app while keeping it compelling, informative and ease to use.

Digitally, Live TV was a little behind it’s VOD counterparts. It was important for us to change that and get this right to keep Live TV relevant and offer an easier solution for users to watch on the go.

By adding access to VOD content within the app the Freeview FV app helps people see a complete picture of their favorite show with past, current and future episodes listed.

We opted for a cool dark theme that suited the brand, helped users focus on content, and find programs they like easily. Structurally, we achieved our goal of enabling users to firstly: quickly get started and watch live tv, browse the guide within two taps, access the complete information about a specific show from any view and load a specific past episode from a partner app.

The team at Switch Media did an awesome job implementing the design and building the app to the highest standards.

We wish Freeview all the best of luck on May 3 for the Connie Awards.

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