Clients look for legal advice online before they choose a law firm. Building a strong digital ecosystem as part of your law firm marketing strategy ensures your expertise is found and they call you first.

Which challenges can a law firm marketing strategy solve?

Finding (and winning) new clients.

Traditional ‘outbound’ marketing strategies are inefficient. Reaching potential clients with advertising is expensive and anticipating the legal services they need is impossible.

Improving operational efficiency.

Building a digital marketing team is complex and expensive. How do you decide whether you need an SEO consultant, graphic designer, copywriter, or full-stack programmer?

Keeping ahead of the technology curve.

Tech moves quickly. New services become old news in an instant. Which social media platforms should your law firm use to build a strong digital presence?

Differentiating your law firm.

Google returns over 100 million pages for ‘law firm’. How will yours stand out?

Growing your firm’s profits.

Your prospective clients increasingly use Google to seek legal advice and discover the law firm they’ll hire. Can you afford to be left out?

How can my law firm generate hot leads with a digital content strategy?

In a nutshell legal firms attract new clients digitally by being searchable, providing expertise and proof and by coverting on the trust factor.

Modern ‘inbound’ marketing is about creating high-quality digital content that explores solutions to the challenges your potential clients are experiencing.

Get your digital content strategy right and you will generate a stream of high-quality leads.

Your potential clients are using the internet to search for solutions and often approach law firms ‘warm’ – with a strong idea about the service they require and some awareness of what competing firms might offer.

Digital content helps your prospective clients learn about the service they need and pitches the expertise of your firm’s lawyers in delivering that service.

An intelligent website structure then converts them into hot leads by funneling each visitor to a lawyer that can provide the service they require and has a clear call-to-action.

Investing in a digital content strategy as part of your law firm marketing strategy is therefore a powerful way to shape the growth of your business.

But what does an effective digital content strategy look like?

Structure is key.

Generating traffic (visitors) is important. But converting traffic into hot prospects requires a structure that funnels them towards dialling your law firm’s number.

We achieve this by designing an intelligent website structure, mainly using these three components:

How articles, expertise statements and lawyer profiles can generate leads.How can blog articles capture and build traffic on my law firm’s website?

  • Providing solutions to popular or relevant problems:
    • ‘How do I avoid capital gains tax?’
    • ‘What’s a Power of Attorney?’
    • ‘Should I setup as a sole trader or limited company?’
  • Generating ‘organic’ traffic:
    • Ranking highly on search engine queries for being popular and high-quality.
    • Being shared on social media.
  • Generating ‘inorganic’ traffic:
    • Advertising.
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

How can expertise statements funnel traffic towards calling my law firm?

  • Demonstrating your law firm’s ability to provide each legal service you offer.
  • Bridging traffic from blog articles about legal problems to the lawyers who are able to help them.
  • Proving your firm’s expertise, currency and position ‘ahead of the curve’.
  • Setting the tone for your website content and legal services.
  • Providing a focus point for future articles and campaigns.
  • Complementing each staff profile with demonstrated expertise.

How can staff profiles convert traffic into hot leads that call my law firm?

  • Pitching each lawyer as an expert in their field and a trusted advisor.
  • Issuing a call-to-action – because clients hire lawyers, not brands.
  • Demonstrating their problem solving ability.
  • Placing a face to your brand.

Whichever page a visitor lands on, your website’s structure should guide them through high-quality content that educates and warms them up – before presenting an expert partner at your firm who can provide the service they need.

How can I produce great content for my law firm? 

Targeted, high-quality content is king.

High-quality website content blends your legal expertise with our digital copywriting skills and knowledge of search engine optimisation techniques.

Our combined talents will produce content that captures traffic; educates and warms it into excited and informed potential customers – then funnels it to your lawyers for conversion into hot leads and phone-calls.

Deciding the direction in which you want to grow your law firm is the first step.

After all, creating content for legal services that you don’t find profitable or rewarding isn’t exactly helpful.

Instead, we’ll craft articles that promote the services your firm is keen to build.

This can include services in which you have deep knowledge and decades of expertise – and also new, exciting areas of legal practise that you’re not involved in yet, but are keen to develop. Content can drive and shape your law firm’s growth.

What should my law firm marketing strategy consider?

If you need any help or guidance, get in touch. Our team offer complete packages, individual services or discovery consultations to help build, manage and continually improve your law firm’s digital presence and ecosystems.

Mobile-first, responsive website

Mobile is key. Potential clients will scan your website quickly to decide whether your law firm has the expertise they need – so serving-up the most useful information, in a clear, attractive format will win more business.

Being easily found in search engines

To be found in search, your firm should target your website and its content to your strengths, niches and areas of desired growth. For example, if your niche is families, it’s better to rank on page one for ‘family law firm in Sydney’ than on page ten for ‘law firm in Australia’.

Targeted, clear and valuable content

Engaging articles will get shared and drive people seeking legal services to your website. When visitors spend significant time reading your content, it will increase your ranking within search results for related queries – so even more people find your website. A double win.

Great user experiences at all touch points

User experiences should be consistently excellent on each social media platform. This means doing inconsistent things. LinkedIn requires a different style of engagement to Facebook. Twitter uses snappy hooks to grab your attention. Instagram needs slick graphics.

Brand, social and competitor monitoring

Which tools are you benchmarking your digital marketing efforts with? Are you tracking your competitors too? Which website features do your customers engage with the most? If you’re too busy to keep up with analytics trends and techniques then let us help.

Integrated print media and outdoor advertising

Graphic designers can produce banners, business cards and any physical designs you need for events and networking. Design assets should be consistent with your digital presence – building a cohesive brand for your law firm.

Smart inbound and outbound marketing

Modern ‘inbound’ marketing is about creating valuable content and serving it to people seeking advice. Positioning your law firm as an authoritative source of legal expertise will drive users to your website and increase their engagement – boosting your ranking in search engines like Google.

Digital support and growth-driven design

Websites are an environment for capturing and feeding traffic. When you stop tweaking, updating and creating new content, your pages gradually sink into obscurity. Refreshing your design and content every couple of years is wasteful and inefficient. Pursue growth that delivers traffic, leads and conversions.

Why should my law firm go digital?

  • 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine in their research
  • 87% of people who contact a lawyer go on to hire one. 72% only contact one lawyer.
  • 74% of people seeking legal advice visit a law firm’s website before taking action

What should my law firm do next?

  • Design a law firm marketing strategy that will grow and develop your business.
  • Position your law firm’s image and content to your target audience.
  • Create your content and optimise it for search engines.
  • Build and update your digital touch points
    • Website
    • Social media profiles
    • Campaigns
  • Generate new, high-quality leads.