Case Study

  • Cricket Australia

Helping pave the way for new technologies

Smart TVs are today’s digital media hub for homes across the planet.

Liquid Digital has been designing apps for Smart TVs and Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) since 2013.

Working closely with Switch Media, we’ve helped pioneer and develop some of the leading solutions available today, including the Freeview FV mobile app for iOS and Android and follow-up Freeview Plus TV app.

Cricket on a TV


Working with new technologies and platforms could be daunting for some.

Our team thrives on the advancements of digital, so when we were asked to design this app to demonstrate the capabilities of new user experience technologies, we couldn’t wait to help the sales teams show off the new HbbTV system and what it can do for sports such as cricket.

The outcomes

Being creative & forward thinking while finding practical solutions for technically-demanding projects is one of our fortés.

That’s why we were selected to design this prototype sports TV app that helped pave the way for new technology.

We’ve been lucky enough to work on and gain experience in a range of platforms including Smart TV, HbbTV, Xbox, PlayStation, a variety of mobile and tablet platforms, and a range of closed circuit systems.

In this project, we worked to conceptualise, wireframe, and design this HbbTV prototype app to demo the capabilities of the system for sports.

The expertise that made a difference in this project: